Our Students

Our students deserve our best!  Parents, teachers, administrators, board, and community members must work together to build equitable schools, environments,  and opportunities for ALL students.

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Our Community

The current and future survival of any community is dependent on its schools and the families they attract. Honestly, the PEOPLE in the schools in Edwardsville convinced our family to move to the area. Principals opened their doors, took us on tours, and shared their school’s programming with us before we decided where to move. Their friendliness and the district’s opportunities for students sold us on Edwardsville!

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Why vote for Jennifer?

Jennifer Brumback is an advocate for ALL students and believes each child should have the support of their schools and community to explore and pursue their gifts, talents, and passions!  She brings to the table a wealth of experience in education along with first hand knowledge of innovative programs and partnerships benefiting schools, students, and communities. She is collaborative, transparent, not afraid to address difficult issues, and eager to make a difference!

School Boards across the nation include diverse individuals with varied backgrounds.  With these differences, communities have the opportunity to create school boards made up of home-grown representatives who can speak to tradition and people who can share the benefit of their experiences outside of the local area.  Jennifer has maximized personal and professional educational opportunities afforded to her through military family moves.  Edwardsville has become her home, and she is ready to serve.

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