Selecting a panel of individuals to serve as a collaborative school board requires an invested community. It is incumbent upon the board to build trust with the community as they make decisions that will impact not only today’s children, but the community’s future. This trust is built on a foundation of regular and open two-way communication, a diverse representation, sound decision making, and protection of the community’s financial investment in schools.

Over the past few years, the district was forced to reduce spending and cut programs designed to allow students to pursue their gifts and talents. A spring vote provided a tax increase allowing for the return of some of the programs/staff and gave the district a funding source to work toward recovering losses created in the past. Newly elected and sitting board members will be faced with supporting and, in some cases, leading efforts to maximize the resources of the district without compromising the educational value and potential of students. New funding sources will need to be explored as the district works to build programming opportunities.

As mentioned in previous pages of this website, our family chose Edwardsville as our home to raise our children; not by chance, but out of research and relationships. Families will move in and out of Edwardsville for various reasons. One thing must remain, the integrity of the educational system. Home prices, new businesses, founding organizations — all depend on the strength of the school system. It’s symbiotic… the community needs the district and the district needs the community.